Folk, here is a pic of a doggie which I needed to place here for a course I'm taking at the University. Don't like doggie pics, too mushy.

Lula, el perro blogger

Want sleep

Want sleep


I want sleep....

First Post

Buenas and welcome! Behold: my first post as a blogger...

Please Identify

Was just thinking... and well, when that happens you just know I´m thinking serious business: major discussion point. So, you guyz, help me out here!

Animaniacs, who doesn't know 'em? These lovely toonies rock, though they would rock even more if I would know what they were! I say they're mice... What say you?

Bienvenido al weblog roulita

¡Hiya Folk!

Warm welcome to all from another blogging blogger. Since this is my first post I´ll try to tame myself and keep it short. Check this link out though: eCuaderno